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SINKO in far Villages

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Raima Bibi (Pink) from Atghara in the right corner. She has been involved with SINKO since last 6 months and have trained 20 women in her village Athaghara about 60 kms from Kolkata. She stays in a mud hut with her 2 children and husband.

Among other women she has trained in her village she bought 2 of them to visit the Nawabpur centre so that they see the operation of the company and also the authenticity of the company.

I met them and explained them our motto and they were very happy to see the operations in Nawabpur.

While talking to them I came to know that both these ladies have came to a Kolkata for the first time in their life the one in middle named Asura Bibi is in 50es and the lady in the left is named Khadija Khatun is around 21 yrs old, she has 5 sisters and she has 2 more sisters younger than her, her father is not able to earn anything due to medical problems, they live in very hardship. She is very happy to work for SINKO so that she can earn some money to support her family. She told me that she travelled on train for the 1st time in her life and she has came out of her village for the 1st time.